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Shifting and deforming objects without touch. Superhuman memory. Distortion of reality perception. The superpower of Chi. Overcoming your innermost fears. And so much more …

Menny Lindenfeld's captivating live paranormal show is inspired by the amazing phenomena he has witnessed and investigated while traveling the world over the past 15 years.


2009: Menny Lindefneld, together with American Idol's, Jordin Sparks, is a guest on MTV Viva Live – over 10 million viewers.



The surprising and energetic show is built upon drama and suspense, and is spiced with light humor. It's an incredibly exciting visual experience that will inspire, while leading you to see beyond your imagination. It's a paranormal experience you will never forget.

Suitable for small or large audiences - up to 1,500 people.

A private and intimate show, to a small and exclusive audience.

Menny Lindenfeld circulates among the guests and demonstrates paranormal miracles within touching distance, using their personal belongings. Metal bending, wristwatch stopping, mind reading, mental suggestion, and more. All presented in Lindenfeld's unique visual style, while individually interacting with the guests in a personal manner.

The show is suitable for private events and receptions, for ice breakers in business meetings, for generating team spirit and employee motivation

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