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Elevate your next convention or corporate event into an unforgettable affair.

Menny Lindenfeld's surprising and energetic live paranormal show will captivate and inspire your clients, motivate your employees and enrich your guests’ experience. The entertaining show is built upon drama and suspense, spiced with light humor, with constant audience participation - all while integrating the company's massages, mottos, logos, and specific marketing materials.

Give your guests and clients an interactive paranormal experience they will never forget.

Suitable for small or large audiences - up to 1,500 people.


Menny Lindenfeld's wealth of creativity, outside-the-box thinking and knowledge of psychological marketing, combined with his unique entertaining and visual performance style,  is the recipe for getting your messages out, in a way that will attract as many potential clients IN!


For grand openings, product launches, sale points, exhibits, expo boots, etc. Using mind manipulation and visual paranormal stunts, Lindenfeld will magnetize traffic, enhance your product and service, and create a strong viral marketing buzz, making your company stand out among your competitors.

2009: Lindenfeld’s mobile magic-apps company Trixcell is nominated for the Meffys award – “the Oscars of mobile entertainment” – for best original content of the year.



Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen …

Menny Lindenfeld uses his charisma, showmanship and professional skills to conduct your next awards ceremony, gala, or other event. He will warmly segue between the keynote speakers, focus the messages and entertain the audience with visual, interactive paranormal stunts. All are delivered in a charming manner, flavored with light humor and with audience engagement throughout the entire ceremony.

Menny Lindenfeld is the perfect choice to augment an enjoyable and unforgettable event.


Prior to the presentation, Lindenfeld will meet the client and their marketing team, to study the product, its target audience and his campaign objectives. Then, according to the client's budget, Lindenfeld will tailor a powerful and entertaining marketing presentation that will generate a strong viral buzz - This will multiple your client list, boost your sales, and gain your product and company full exposure for guaranteed success!

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